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The World’s Leader in Carbon Fiber Tower Technology

Lighter, Stronger and More Durable

Infracom is the world’s only manufacturer of carbon fiber towers installed and operational today.

InfraCom Inc. (InfraCom) was formed in 2022 after acquiring the rights and intellectual property of Geostrut and MMC, developers of the first generations of carbon fiber towers installed in the communications industry. For the past seven years, and over five generations of tower iterations, we have optimized the performance of our towers, proving their strength and durability with multiple partners around the globe.

In 2017, the first prototype towers were deployed–a design that maintained similar strength and performance to steel monopoles at approximately one tenth of the weight. After three years of testing installed demonstrations around the world, InfraCom tower technology has established the standard in global carbon fiber monopole construction. Today, we are ready to address the growing demand for our carbon fiber monopoles.

Lighter, Stronger, and More Durable

Extend Life, Reduce Cost

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Lighter Than Steel
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Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
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Life expectancy of InfraCom Towers

Our unique carbon fiber structure achieves the strength and durability of steel tower alternatives at up to 90% less weight and a lower total installed cost.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

The lightweight nature of carbon fiber can reduce foundation areas by 70% compared to steel or concrete. The estimated savings on the total cost of ownership are 30% thanks to faster installation time, reduced logistics cost, minimum base width, and lighter installation equipment.

Non-Corrosive Means Less Maintenance and Longer Life

Composite non-corrosive, non-rusting towers are easy to install and have lower maintenance requirements than alternatives. They are ideal for coastal environments and wet climates where steel and concrete degrade quickly. These properties also help to extend the life of our towers to 80+ years–far exceeding their steel or concrete alternatives.

InfraCom Carbon Fiber Towers are the Infrastructure Solution the World Needs.

The future is carbon fiber.