The World's Leader In Carbon Fiber
Tower Technology

lighter, stronger and more durable

About Us

Technology strong enough for aerospace, building resilience into our
tower infrastructure.

InfraCom Inc. is the only manufacturer of carbon fiber towers with installed and serviceable assets today.

Driven by the burgeoning demand for 4G/5G bandwidth, and the need to build more longevity and resilience into climate-affected infrastructure, carbon fiber composite monopoles from InfraCom offer the perfect solution for firms seeking to introduce a more sustainable, and higher-margin option to their portfolios.

Lighter and stronger than steel, InfraCom is a solution that lasts.

Our Value

Strong and Lightweight, Carbon Fiber is a game changer.

Reduce Tower Lease Costs

The lightweight nature of carbon fiber can reduce the area needed for tower foundations by 70% of that required by steel or concrete.

Reduce Logistics and Installation Costs

Improve the economics of shipping, and installation, and improve worker safety with lightweight carbon fiber monopoles from InfraCom.

Extend the Lifetime of your Tower Infrastructure

Our towers are rated to last 80+ years.

Reducing Cost of Ownership and Extending Life.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Build Resilience into your Tower Portfolio

Carbon Fiber is Non-Corrosive

100% non-corrosive, carbon fiber is perfect for coastal environments or wet climates, and can be direct buried.

Rated to withstand the most extreme weather scenarios.

Our towers are rated to withstand sustained wind gusts exceeding comparable to the energy of a category 4 hurricane.

Strength to maximize tower tenancy.

Our towers exceed maximum overturning moment estimates at  maximum loads.

The world is changing. InfraCom can help our infrastructure adapt.